Visabeira – Viseu, Portugal

The offices at the Palácio do Gelo Shopping (Palace of Ice Mall) were equipped with Iduna table and filing systems. The operational configurations were constructed by the Arpa system; two stations supported laterally by a cupboard. The tabletops include wire connections for electrical and data cables. The cables circulation is made beneath the tabletop and discretely through the cupboard. Following the same motto as the operational configurations, the meeting tables disposed of a ground support (side panel), inherited from de Arpa system.The executive spaces were equipped with the woody system; tables, laterally supported by cupboards, both made from wood and a discrete system for steering cables.All of the solutions developed resulted from the requirements and dialogue between the architectural firm responsible for this project and the technical and creative assistance from Iduna. Being as they may be, “special solutions”, they all derive from the standard product.



Arpa, Arpa cupboards and Woody

Iduna (offices) / Visabeira (shopping)