RedBull – Madrid, Spain

“The Red Bull Office (Adriano proposal)
Need for an open office of a bold, innovative nature to match its marketing style.
Services focusing on a central area, with open compartments where the furniture fits in with the building’s characteristics.
Need for “natural” finishes clear varnished steel and aluminum, “Dm” tops, no superfluous decoration, focus on the material itself.
Adriano complements all these needs:
Light and clean – simple tables with no accessories with a good electrification study.
Compartmentalization with 1.15 – meter-high screens: independence, includes filing systems, facilitates meeting areas.
Monobloc cabinet, 2.22 meters doubling as a partition: sound-absorbent back and electrified module.
Perfect integration with screen/glass adapting it to perimeter of cabinets.
Result: intercommunication between the front and back office. Transparency in all directions.”

Belén Cifuentes
Commercial/Project manager – Madrid


Adriano, Arpa cupboards and Biombos

Fernando Guerra and Iduna

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