LX Factory CoWork – Lisboa, Portugal

Cowork space developed for micro businesses. Two types of space configurations – linear (1) and central (2). Different height screens that define and route the space, prepared to store and distribute cables. Screen panels facing the hallways in OSB. Cork panels (with acoustic protection and note fixing capabilities) and specially painted steel (writing capabilities with appropriate markar) facing inword in each work space. The panles allow the mounting of various acessories (cabinets, shelves, pencil holders, baskets, hangers…) Desks in 40mm square tube prepared for guiding and storing cable. Meeting table with circular base.

“Iduna, besides the fact of being a Cowork member, actively intervened in the spaces design. Initially, all the furniture for the area “sala de mesas” was provided by Iduna. Consequently, a carte blanche was given to this company to project the space for the micro-studios room. A relationship based on trust quickly formed, culminating in the huge satisfaction of seeing the project completed. Today, we are very close to full capacity and all our partners unilaterally agree on the satisfaction of the Iduna equipments and space configuration presented. I, as a Coworker, also ascertain to that satisfaction. We have certainly achieved two of the most interesting spaces of the LX Factory, a fact that fills us with pride.”

Fernando Mendes
Designer / Founder & CEO




Biombos, tables and non-standard pedestals


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