GNRation – Braga, Portugal

“Established in the city center and susceptible to vibrations of the territory, the GNRation provides a new way to experience cultural and social experiences, providing artists, creators, visitors and the public a unique and single space to converge and interact in. Open to artistic and cultural contemporary practices as well as spontaneous expressions, welcomes proposals from young creators from the Braga region in a building composed of working, exhibition, fruition, trading and food areas.”

“Mission and Vision” available at:

The equipment developed by Iduna reflect the new identity of the building and aspires to suit the expectations of its users. Emphasis is given to the mobility of the many equipments proposed, which allows multiple configurations and the use o\f colorless finishing for sheet metal components.
José Manuel Carvalho Araújo


GNR, Nova, 1004, Arm and non-standard product.

Hugo Carvalho Araújo

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