E-duna – Executive

While developing this concept we opted for the tube since it is a form to witch we relay ourselves. The tube works as a structural affirmation. It has the formal stability and sense of mechanics that allows continuity. While the steel plate represents an open design by parts the tube works as a whole retaining a sense of strength due to the fact that it is non interrupted. Working with scale we are now able to give this structural side-kick, which the tube has always been, a main role in the design of the product. A stand-alone desk, a screened desk and a desk along with mobile pedestal are core of this project. Working each peace separately and refuting the association between components it keeps however, a formal unity and a family descent.

Design: José Manuel Carvalho Araújo



Alfil – Braga, Portugal
JMMSROC – Braga, Portugal


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