Arm – Office

Men spend a quarter of their existence in the work basis; but they will need references, need forms that identifies the house. That gives an approach to a familiar reality. That allows relaxation.
In the organization of the work space we should break the unbalance and conflict with the living space: the space of home. Must break the request of permanent adaptability to daily functions. The times of recovery are inherently stressful in content and ergonomically dysfunctional in form. Energetic waste are generated with stress. Therefore the project deliberately uses the woods as substance and drawing as an attempt, consciously deliberated to be confused with domestic forms, with the furniture of the other three quarters of our existence. Arm manifests a different intention. The relaxation of job functions. The furniture, neither rigid or static, requests man a permanent functional balance. Space is treated with mobility material. A group may meet without having to solemnize it in a meeting room, join the work tables (not desks) and works: it is group work.

design: José Manuel Carvalho Araújo



Escola de Música – Braga, Portugal