Iduna is a Portuguese company that designs, produces and commercialize furniture for offices, libraries and public spaces. The wide range of products with a design rooted culture reflects its very own identity.

Iduna, S.A.
Founded in 1994 – Braga, Portugal

The process to reach the solution goes through a deep study of the project, adapting sometimes solutions to the needs of the building. The intent is to fill the spaces where the furniture is a complement to the architecture. The answer is transversal, allowing to operate in different markets.

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The Iduna Universe offers distinct solutions to the client:

Standard Collection: flexible systems that respond to several requests;

Products and Special Projects: the answer is supported by the standard collections or fully differentiated solutions tailored to the needs of the spaces;

Editions: is the space dedicated to their experiences and artisans for the realization of their ideas, the development of products created and designed by architects and designers international renowned.We dedicate our experience and our craftsmanship to accomplish your ideas, either in a single product or in a large scale production, for this we reserve the editions space.