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Rail Innovators Group
Rotterdam – Netherlands

Development of Hat workstations with electrical height adjustable tops (rectangular tops) and Hat workstations with manual height adjustable tops (V-shaped tops) by way of screws. Valchromat® tops coated with HPL. Fabric frontal divider.

Bibliothèque de Sorbonne Université
Paris – France

Development of library tables in bended 2mm steel sheets and melamine tops. They include metallic Led lighting, socket connection boxes and cable ducts applied on the legs.

Lisbon – Portugal

Various systems from the Iduna product range were used, in particular the electrically adjustable height Hat tables with frontal screens, the Moov meeting tables with central lids for cable management and several Ln workstations with frontal screens.


SPS – Sociedade de Advogados
Lisbon – Portugal

Development of Moov workstations with fabric or cork frontal dividers, cupboards and fabric upholstered sofas with tubular frames.



Height adjustable tables with electrical mechanism and remote control, or manually adjusted with a crank. Available in single (individual table) or double (front-to-front) formats. Their design is essentially characterized by the leg or side panel option. The adjustable tables allow the user to alternate the working position (standing and sitting) throughout the day. The programmable memories of the electric table make it possible to alternate up to 3 users per table, or to alternate between the previously programmed seated and standing positions.

Work in progress

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