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Bibliotheek Waasmunster
Waasmunster – Belgium

Development of shelving with floor to ceiling height. Metal mesh planes were used on the front and back side of the shelving, which form permeable membranes for the passage of light from the various LED strips used. Wooden top reading tables with integrated Led lighting, boxes for sockets and at some points, metal mesh transversal dividers.

Grupo Acrescentar
Braga – Portugal

Development of tubular shelving with vertical and horizontal wooden display panels. Ope.R office tables and high tables to support the bar service.

Nevi Zeist
Zeist – Netherlands

Height adjustable Hat tables with fixed height frontal dividers. 1004 cupboards with wooden doors and plant containers on top. Moov workstations and meeting tables.

Bleiswijk – Netherlands

Hat tables with electrical height adjustment, with integrated digital control panel in the tabletop and frontal panels with fixed height. Arpa cupboards with sliding perforated doors with acoustic protection and Ope.R meeting tables with metal case for sockets.



Height adjustable tables with electrical mechanism and remote control, or manually adjusted with a crank. Available in single (individual table) or double (front-to-front) formats. Their design is essentially characterized by the leg or side panel option. The adjustable tables allow the user to alternate the working position (standing and sitting) throughout the day. The programmable memories of the electric table make it possible to alternate up to 3 users per table, or to alternate between the previously programmed seated and standing positions.

Work in progress

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