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Biblioteca Municipal Manuel de Boaventura
Esposende – Portugal

Two library floors equipped with Nova shelving and Adriano reading tables. The shelving layout is defined by the morphology of the building and integrate pre-existing equipments. The reading tables follow the same principle, and whenever possible, benefit natural light. The Capa counter, with…

Viana do Castelo – Portugal

Development of tubular shelving with ceiling mounts and phenolic compact shelves. Seating platform with integrated cupboards, table and bench for dining area in three-layer spruce. The operative and meeting spaces are equipped with the Ope.R table system and the reception area with the Capa counter.

Braga – Portugal

Electric height adjustable Te tables with fabric frontal panels and pedestals with wheels. Ope.R meeting tables prepared for power cable management and storage. Supermetal tables, high tables and benches.

Médiathèque la Ruche
Briançon – France

Development of Nova bookshelves of various dimensions with and without wheels, trolleys with displays for CDs, DVDs and books, stackable and wall mounted cupboards with tip-up doors, book towers and several displays. Development of various Ln tables for individual or shared use, prepared for boxes for power socket integration.



Height adjustable tables with electrical mechanism and remote control, or manually adjusted with a crank. Available in single (individual table) or double (front-to-front) formats. Their design is essentially characterized by the leg or side panel option. The adjustable tables allow the user to alternate the working position (standing and sitting) throughout the day. The programmable memories of the electric table make it possible to alternate up to 3 users per table, or to alternate between the previously programmed seated and standing positions.

Work in progress

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